The sculpture depicts a doctor in a classic robe, with a stethoscope draped around his neck, glasses resting on his forehead, and shoes peeking out from beneath the pants. The figure is cast in pewter, with intricate details etched in gold and silver, though only the glasses, stethoscope, and shoes are etched in gold.

The pewter material gives the sculpture a weighty presence and matte finish, with fine lines etched into the robe to create texture and dimension. The doctor’s face is cast in pewter, with subtle shadows and highlights that give the sculpture a lifelike quality.

The stethoscope is etched in gold with intricate details that capture the texture and shape of the medical instrument. The glasses are similarly detailed, with gold accents highlighting the shape of the frames and the delicate features of the lenses. The shoes are also etched in gold with fine details, emphasizing their shape and texture, as if capturing the very essence of the footwear worn by the doctor in his daily rounds.

Overall, this sculpture is a beautiful tribute to the dedication and skill of medical professionals, capturing the essence of a doctor who is precise, thoughtful, and deeply committed to his work. The use of gold and silver accents adds a touch of elegance to the sculpture, drawing attention to the important details that define the profession of medicine.