Wedding Ceremony

This beautiful sculpture depicts a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony, with intricate details etched in pewter, gold, and silver. The rabbi stands at the center of the sculpture, reading the ketubah – a Jewish marriage contract – while the groom holds a glass of wine to the bride’s lips. The bride stands with her veil raised, her face and gown etched with intricate details that capture the beauty of the moment.

The pewter material of the sculpture gives it a weighty presence and matte finish, with fine lines etched into the clothing and surroundings to create texture and dimension. The details on the rabbi’s clothing and the ketubah he holds are etched in gold, emphasizing their importance in the ceremony. The bride’s veil is also etched in gold, drawing attention to its delicate beauty.

The groom holds a glass of wine to the bride’s lips, a traditional part of the Jewish wedding ceremony that symbolizes their shared joy and commitment. The bride’s face is cast with subtlety and precision, making her appear strikingly realistic. The details on her gown are etched in silver, highlighting the elegance of her wedding dress.

Overall, this sculpture is a beautiful tribute to the sanctity and beauty of traditional Jewish weddings. The use of gold and silver accents adds a touch of elegance to the sculpture, emphasizing the important details that define the ceremony. From the rabbi’s detailed clothing and the etched ketubah, to the bride’s delicate veil and gown, every aspect of the ceremony is captured in this stunning work of art.